The independent cinema of the Pangasinan province, Philippines


ANACBANUA (The Child of the Sun)

Anacbanua is an ancient term in the Pangasinan language whose two words anac and banua are also a part of the Proto-Malayo Polynesian vocabulary. Anacbanua refers to the original inhabitants of a given place or settlement particularly those who had been born in the village who are also the cultivators of the land. It is an endonym, a name ancient Pangasinenses call themselves by, a claim to the land they founded or reclaimed for the members of the ethnic community to retain privileges and ascendancy amidst foreign intrusions. Thus, anacbanua serves as an ethnic identifier, a cultural marker that separates the Pangasinan from the Aeta, Zambal, Iloko and other Cordillera peoples who had come to live among them. During the Spanish colonization of the Philippines, the term was used to designate the indigenous elite of the Pangasinan province. ( p.31,34. Fernandez, Erwin. Puerto del Japon: Early Pangasinan in Luzon before and after the coming of the Japanese and the Spaniards. Urdaneta City: Abung na Panagbasay Pangasinan, 2012)

Production Notes and Technical Details:

Year of Production: 2010
Country of Production: Philippines
Producer: Sine Caboloan Co. Ltd.
Shooting Format: HDV PAL
Running Time: 104 minutes
Genre : feature-length experimental
Original Language: Pangasinan
Subtitles: English
Sound: Stereo
Screening Format: Digital Betacam PAL
Image: Colored and Black & White

Cast and Credits:

* Producer, Story, Script, Editor, Sound Design, Colorist, & Director: Christopher Gozum
* Production Manager and Assistant Director: Janus Victoria
* Cinematography: Joni Gutierrez
* Wardrobe and Make-up: Mylene Buenaflor
* Location Manager: Erwin Fernandez
* Production Assistant: John Gloria
* Cast: Lowell Conales, Che Ramos, Tristan Aguirre, and the people of Pangasinan province
* Narration: Marissa Bautista and Christopher Gozum
* Texts: Calatagan Jar Inscriptions, Pangasinan Oraciones, and the anlong (poetry) of Santiago Villafania, Erwin Fernandez, and Melchor Orpilla
* Music: Ran Kirlian and Moby

Screening History, Citation, and Awards:

*Lino Brocka Grand Prize & Best Director Award (Digital Lokal section), 11th Cinemanila International Film Festival 2009(Philippines)
*Prix des Signes, Cinema in Transgression section, 10th International Festival Signes de Nuit /Paris 2012
*Cited as one of the 100 Philippine Modern Movie Classics by Pinoy Rebyu: Critical Consensus of Filipino
*Cited as one of the Top Ten Best Filipino Films of 2009 by Filipino film bloggers & film critics Francis Joseph Cruz and Richard Bolisay
*Best Cinematography and Best Screenplay nomination, 33rd Urian Awards of the Manunuri ng Pelikulang
Pilipino (Film Critics Association of the Philippines) in 2010
*2nd Cinema Rehiyon Film Festival 2010 (Philippines)
*Colegio San Jose de Alaminos 2010 (Pangasinan,Philippines)
*Cinemalaya 6: The Philippine Independent Film Festival 2010
*University of the Philippines Film Institute 2010
*The Alexis Tioseco-Nika Bohinc Film Series at the Fully Booked 2010 (Philippines)
*Pelikula at Titus Brandsma Media Center’s Special Monthly Screening 2013 (Philippines)
*10th Anniversary of the Ulupan na Pansiansiya’y Salitan Pangasinan (Association for the Preservation of the Pangasinan Language) presented at the Pangasinan State University-Lingayen campus 2010 (Philippines)
*16th Filipino American Cine Festival in San Francisco (2009)
*8th edition flEXiff 2010 (Sydney)
*12th Mumbai Film Festival 2010 (India)
*8th World Film Festival of Bangkok 2010
*11th Jeonju International Film Festival 2010 (South Korea)
*8th edition Chennai International Film Festival 2010 (India)
*1st Anemic Festival of Independent Film & New Media Art in Prague 2010 (Czech Republic)


An exiled poet returns to his native homeland of Pangasinan province after many years of absence. Through a mystical soul journey, he reclaims his primal connection to the water (danum), to the land (dalin), and to the people (katooan) where in the end he finds a home to anchor his wandering soul and his art.

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